Friday, July 31, 2009

Horny Hounds Rejoice. A Sex Doll For Dogs Hits The Market.

In April of 2007 I blogged about the 'HotDoll', a concept design of a sex doll for dogs from a design studio named Feel Addicted. And though the Hotdoll was plenty written about, it remains a design concept and prototype that has yet to come to market.

above: the concept design for Feel Addicted's Hotdoll

Seems a Brazilian company has beat them to it. The Doggie Lover Doll by Pet Smiling is actually available for purchase now to placate your randy canine.

the press release:
You may know or have probably heard about these dolls for men that are very popular in Sex Shops around the world. There are inflatable ones, full-body, silicone, as well as other models. So now the first doll for dogs has been launched in Brazil. That’s right, a doll for dogs to practice safe sex. The majority of non-neutered dogs spend a good chunk of time looking for something to hump. They try pillows, furry creatures, people’s legs and even other animals.

To put an end to this nonsense and improve the little ones' lives, the enterprise PetSmiling, headquartered in Miami, United States, and in São Paulo, Brazil, is bringing to the market the DoggieLoverDoll: a female canine manufactured in soft rubber with a silicone vagina and an easy to clean reservoir. The product also comes with a tube of water-based intimate lubricant, to increase the useful life of the doll.

This doll comes in three sizes: small, medium and large, to satisfy all existing races. “I had the idea to make this doll when my Maltese started to grab everybody’s legs. I did some research and couldn’t find anything like it, anywhere in the world. I decided to make it!”, reveals Marco Giroto, owner of the PetSmiling company, responsible for this worldwide novelty. This product is exclusive and has been patented in the major countries of the world where it will be sold. Soon after it was launched, PetSmiling already got orders from several countries, including the United States, Germany and Japan.

During the doll’s test period with a few canines, including the Maltese Flock (responsible for the idea), the pets showed a better quality of life based on less anxiety, less barking, and less territorial demarcation. In other words, the dogs live a better life, satisfying their repressed sexuality, in some cases for many years.

When a dog tries to hump legs, stuffed animals and other objects, he cannot reach an ejaculation. With the DoggieLoverDoll he can. Human beings have their hands to masturbate themselves, now the domestic animals, which have practically no contact with females in heat, can alleviate themselves with a toy designed specifically for them. Dogs have a great sexual appetite and this novelty, surely will better their lives.

Wanna buy it?

You can purchase The Doggie Lover Doll by contacting Pet Smiling here.

Contact or inquiries for wholesale:
+1 (305) 728-6404 in USA or via the e-mail

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Beauty Of Wisdom. Literally & Figuratively Captured By Andrew Zuckerman.

Inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can pass to another is the wisdom it has gained from experience, the wisdom project, produced with cooperation from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, seeks to create a record of a multicultural group of people who have all made their mark on the world.

Award-winning photographer Andrew Zuckerman's beautiful book contains stunning portraits of artists, politicians, peacemakers, actors and other well known figures dispensing pearls of wisdom and an accompanying 60 minute film comprised of each and every interview.

below are a few of my favorite spreads from the book:

And the book's back cover:

the book contains portraits of the following people (click to enlarge):

See more of Andrew Zuckerman's work here.

The book makes a lovely and inspiring gift or just about anyone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Artist Decorated Brain Buckets Raise Money For Charity

This post has all the images of the artist decorated motorcycle helmets, a special Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle decorated by Barry McGee and limited edition apparel created for the Celeritas Show and Auction at SURU gallery to raise funds for Riders For Health. The Press release from Pirelli, with all the information, is at the end of this post after the images.

The Gallery:

above: Celeritas at Suru (photo by John Shearer/

The Helmets

Audrey Kawasaki:

Jesse James:

Alex Pardee:

And Alex with his helmet:

Joe Hahn:

James Jean:

Jim Lee:

Mark Dean Veca:

Jeff McMillan:


Mike Shinoda:


Troy Lee:


The Suzuki Hayabusa

Barry McGee (aka Twist) decorated a special Suzuki Hayabusa for the show:

Damien (aka DRx.) Romanelli's leather outfit for the show:
"I worked in conjunction with Alpinestars whom provided me with technical motorcycle apparel as a canvas for our contribution to the show. Using an Alpinestars racing suit, gloves , boots and Mad Max as inspiration, I deconstructed and reinterpreted the motorcycle suit. Long time collaborator and good buddy Nathan Cabrera flipped the mannequin and helped me bring the creation to life."- DRx. Romanelli

The Pirelli press release:
Suru Presents Celeritas on Sunday, July 12, at the SURU Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

A display of fine art, inspired by passion’s urgency, themed through the medium of motorcycling, and realized on the objects of road racing culture (a motorcycle, helmets and apparel), opened to the public noon, Sunday, July 12, at the SURU Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

above left: the invite. above right: Event Co-hosts John Hensley and Joe Hahn (photo by John Shearer/

The show, entitled Celeritas (Latin for Speed, like in accelerate.), features helmets, apparel, and a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa, each painted by one of 14 trend-setting fine artist, helmet artist Troy Lee, musician/artist Joe Hahn, and welder/biker-cum-risk-taker Jesse James.

above: Mike Shinoda's limited edition T-shirts for the show

Limited edition Ts and other items related to the show will also be available for purchase. All, 100%, of the proceeds from the show’s sales will benefit the official charity of Moto GP, Riders for Health, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to funding the purchase and servicing of motorcycles for transportation of medical personnel to remote communities in Africa, that would otherwise be without medical care.

This show is conceived and curated by motorcyclist/actor John Hensley, known primarily for his role on the FX Channel’s award-winning series Nip/Tuck, and Linkin Park band member Joe Hahn, owner of the SURU Gallery. Pirelli Tire North America is a proud sponsor of this exciting cross-over exhibit of motorcycling and fine art, in concert with American Suzuki Motors, Oakley, Troy Lee, and Alpinestars.

Scott Griffin, VP of Pirelli Motorcycle Tire North America, said, “This sponsorship is a natural fit for Pirelli, a company defined by passion. We have a proud and long history of working with artists, actors, and photographers to create Pirelli’s world-famous calendars, videos and other works art. Applying this passion for the benefit of Riders for Health doubles the importance of this creative exhibit and we applaud John and Joe for this incredible accomplishment.”

Listed in no particular order, the artists participating in this exhibit are: Alex Pardee, Jeff McMillan, Stash, Barry McGee (aka Twist and the artist painting the Hayabusa, who is also featured on the cover of the latest issue (#14) of Swindle magazine), Futura, Mark Dean Veca, Usugrow, Joe Hahn, Jim Lee, Jesse James, Troy Lee, James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki, Darren Romanelli, aka DRx, Nathan Cabrera, Mike Shinoda, Estevan Oriol.

Estevan Oriol has released an original exclusive giclee print for the show. It is a limited edition of 50 and all are numbered and signed by Estevan Oriol:

The show opened to the public Sunday, July 12, at noon, and will run through August 16. Pirelli Tire encourages those interested to be certain to plan an early visit to the show, because the window for viewing of these works of art in this venue closes after 30 days. Artwork, and limited-edition clothing designed for the show, will be available for purchase for the duration of the exhibit, or for as long as supplies last.

The SURU gallery is located at 7662 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Huge thanks to Elizabeth Kim for her flickr photos of the show. And thanks to Hypebeast, Motorcycle USA , DRx. Romanelli and of course, SURU gallery, Los Angeles.

See photos from the event and many artists with their helmets here
Riders For Health