Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Digitally Printed Glass For The Home By Sprinz

above: goldfish printed on glass doors turns a shower it into an aquarium

Sprinz of Germany makes lovely glass items for both commercial and residential applications. Etched and colored glass doors, shower enclosures, walls, stairs and more. Now they also have digitally printed glass and as you will see in the following images, it's a great way to add some color and life to an otherwise traditional utilitarian product.

Artwork (in pms colors), photography, even typography can be printed on the glass:

Shower doors, enclosures and bathroom walls take on a life of their own when images are digitally printed on them:

Other possible applications for the digitally printed glass are on the front of a radiator like the one shown below:

Photos printed on glass:

On inside or outside doors:

Other commercial and residential applications:

Sprinz GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 2148
D-88192 Ravensburg
TEL. +49 751 3 79-0
FAX +49 751 3 76-62

Monday, August 30, 2010

Steven Meisel Shoots A Sexy Miranda Kerr in 3D for Vogue Italia

As it hit the newsstands in Milan two days ago, the September issue of Vogue Italia had a cover that looked a little different. Why? Because it was shot in Vogue's newest photography frontier, 3D. Enclosed with the Italian issue was a special pair of 3D vision glasses.

Although I'm sharing the cover, the whole editorial and the backstage video of the shoot here with you, you'll need to wear the 3D glasses to see the cover and the editorial the way it was truly meant to be seen. Besides, who doesn't want to see Miranda Kerr's natural assets in three dimensions?

Shot by photography master Steven Meisel, the September issue features 22 pages of the sexy Australian model (and the newly pregnant wife of Orlando Bloom) Miranda Kerr.

Thanks to the possibility of seeing in three dimensions, Vogue images will acquire a totally new power, crossing the borders of fashion photo shoots, to strengthen even more the very high quality pictures, which have always been the trademark of the magazine.

And a look at the backstage video of the photo shoot.

Also, for Vogue Italia readers, the 3D surprises of the September issue carry on in The Scent of the Future, a story shot by Tim Walke.

image credits – Video posted and scanned images scanned from mayfrayn @ TFS, Vogue Italia

For The True Armchair Athlete. VIP Sports Lounges & Ottomans By Paolo Lillus.

Inspired by his love of sports, designer Paolo Lillus has designed modern lounge chairs whose shape, design and fabrics emulate sports balls of all types. And each has a matching ottoman.

above: designer Paolo Lillus

Whether you're a baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis or golf fan, the modern and comfortable lounge chairs will make watching or reading about your favorite sport that much more of an all inclusive experience. Put your feet up on the matching ottoman and you're a Weekend Warrior.

Each chair and ottoman design is available with your choice from two aluminum base styles; Either four legs or a round flat base.

Wembley Chair and ottoman (shown with round base):

Hattrick Chair and ottman (shown with legs):

NBA Chair and ottoman (shown with round base):

Eagle Chair and ottoman (shown with legs):

Volley Chair and ottoman (shown with round base):

Homerun Chair and ottoman (shown with legs):

The chairs and the ottomans are sold separately and can be purchased here or here.