Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Modern Highlights From The Los Angeles Art Show - Part II

Yesterday I shared with you some of the more modern highlights from the Los Angeles Art Show in Part I and now the eye candy continues with Part II.

Joshua Suda:

Claudia Parducci:

Gerd Leider:

Irene Presnner:

Harry Holland:

Troels Worsel:

Lin Quinyan:

Margit J. Fureder:

Ronald Kulla-Kinzie:

Peter Clark:

Shen Jingdong:

Patrick Duegaw:

Ilona Zaremba:

Sara Friedlander:

Jean Wells:

Will Kissmer:

David Bromley:

Sebastian Artz:

See Part I here

The 2011 Los Angeles Art Show
Links to all the participating galleries

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